Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love - Grace M. DeLeesie

Forbidden Love (Book 1)

There are many different kinds of shifters and each species has their own set of laws. Most overlap and others are downright weird.

I’m a wolf shifter. It’s a bit cliched, I know, but I love being a wolf. It’s all I know and, truthfully, I had never considered how other shifters lived until I met Keegan.

I never expected my True Mate to be any shifter other than a wolf. Why would I? There was even a law that states shifters can’t crossbreed. Why would there be a law that stated that when there was a chance that mates could be from different species? Except, to my knowledge, there had never before been a cross-species True Mate pair. Until now.

My Keegan was a jaguar.

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